North Wales Fieldsports Case prep Services priced per 100 cases.

Case depriming £8 

Brass cleaning – 

Wet tumble – £15

Dry tumble in walnut media – £10 

(All wet brass is dried in a dehydrator)

Case trim length using shortest length as the gauge – £15

Inside and outside neck chamfering – £10 

Expand only, for neck turning etc – £10

Neck Turning cleaning cut, neck turn the cases to remove highs the lows for a more concentric neck – £20

Full Neck turning for finished neck to your specified neck wall thickness – £25.00

Brass Annealing using the latest induction annealer – £15

Recommended combinations per 100 

De prime and combo clean – £22

Full case prep after 1st firing (trim length, expand & neck turn clean, in and outside neck chamfering, anneal)- £60

Brass resize and reloading

Resize case – £15

Prime case – £8

Measure Powder and seat Bullet -£ 20

Please contact for die availability we can order specific dies for your needs at extra costs

All case prep prices are plus return postage (price varies)

Any specific requests we offer discount on multiple services and high volume so please E-mail-

Reloaded ammunition must be proofed before sale

Prices Exclusive of Vat